The Gettin' Place Ministries, INC. and the Gettin' Home, INCare 501C3 organizations located in Oklahoma.

The plight of women coming out of prison has always tugged at our heart. The programs women participate in while incarcerated help them gain knowledge to make wise choices and plans, however only few women succeed once out. Over the years we have seen many incarcerated women released from prisons only to find themselves in the same impossible situations that inevitably lead to their re-incarceration. Upon returning to jail women would verify that they were fine until they faced reentry challenges and home life together. This one indicator proved to us how the system currently in place is lacking where ex-offender women's needs are concerned. Our desire was to see these women succeed when returning to life outside of incarceration. Thus birthed a vision for the Gettin' Home.

The Gettin' Home is a Women's Re-entry Training Center Home and Campus. A home such as this helps women released from incarceration in many ways. This  home gives them a safe place to live while applying the re-entry training they receive here. Here they have the means to get back on their feet, arrange to pay fines and get an ID or a driver’s license. They can gently make transition back into society by scheduling visitations with their family and finding jobs. Here the women find encouragement and many of the resources needed to help them make it as productive citizens on the outside while living in a drug and alcohol free environment. It is unfortunate that many of the facilities laid out for those returning to society are most often full and mostly facilities for men.

The Gettin’ Home has opened of the first Women's Reentry Training Center Home of its kind in Northwest Oklahoma. Having researched facilities throughout the US we have developed a plan providing ample space for 12 women. Because jobs are limited in Northwest Oklahoma, we will implement cottage industries (home based businesses) to help the women learn to create jobs if they cannot find one. Through volunteer sources, the home provides vocational training, new experiences in "giving back" through volunteer work in the community, as well as family enrichment for a portion of the program. Because The Gettin' Place Ministries is a Christ based organization, Bible Training is a significant focus in the home. This home teaches family values and responsibility; something that we take for granted but many of the women coming to us have not yet experienced.
Gettin' Home, LLC is a product of The Gettin' Place Ministries, INC. The Gettin' Place Ministries can be contacted through the Gettin' Home, INC.


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